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Office: 304 High St., Wiggins, CO 80654
Cell: 970-380-7817
email: theartspot9@gmail.com

Mobile Social Art Events

*Canvas Creations    *Kids & Kanvas

*Artscapades   *Fundraisers

*Teambuilding Art Projects

*Business Partnerships    *Art Camps


The Art Spot will bring "magic to your day" and "energize your creativity” by encouraging you to:

  • have fun with art

  • connect with friends, family, coworkers, or team members

  • savor the stimulating atmosphere  

In the end you'll go home with a finished piece of artwork and a warm heart.



The Art Spot hit the spot! Had a great time painting and visiting with friends! — Lisa 


Your painting classes are so fun!!! Highly recommended for any gathering! — Beth 


Amazing time! Good to spend time with family and friends! — Layla Christine


Had a great time painting with the girls! Can't wait for next time! - Miranda


Always fun painting with Darlene and Company. Can't wait for your next event!!  - Janet


Contact Information:

Studio: 109 W. Kiowa

             Fort Morgan, CO  80701

Phone: 970-380-7817

E-Mail: theartspot9@gmail.com

Office: 304 High St. 

            Wiggins, CO  80654