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Kids & Kanvas

• Create a one-of-a kind painting 
  event for kids 5-12 years 
  of age!
• Great event for all types of 
   youth gatherings!
• $15 per person/
• The finished 9x12” or 10x10" canvas 

   goes home with the party guests!
• Larger canvas sizes available for 
  additional cost.
• Price includes special gift for 
  your child!
• Variety of artwork for boys &  girls!

• Can customize the art to the
   theme of the party:

*Princess    *Pirate    *Cowboy
*Rainbows   *Cartoon characters
*Owls    *1950s   *Unicorns
*Dinosaurs    *Monsters
Just to name a few!
We’re open to your suggestions!

• Ask for pricing on other types of 
   art events for kids:

*Fairy Gardens   
*Doodles & Tangles
*Found Object Robots
*Friendship Bracelets
*Mixed Media Collage
*Dream Weaving

Contact us about pricing for

larger size canvases!